Definition of Translation

Translation is replacing from source language (SL) to target language (TL) with equivalent meaning (semantic structure) which proper, appropriate and it is acceptable in target language based on closely equivalent involve meaning and style. The result of translation is difficult to receive 100 percent of Target Reader, because there are different meaning and style in both language concept, therefore the main point of translation is find the closely equivalent and style of language itself. 

A. Some definition of translation

Translation is the replacement of textual material in one language (SL) by equivalent textual material in another language (TL) (Catford 1965 : 20)

Translation consist of translating the meaning of the source language into the receptor language. This is done by going from of first language to the form of second language by way of semantic structure. It is meaning which is being transferred and must be held constant. Only the form change (Larson 1984: 3)

Translation is craft consisting in the attempt to replace a written message and or statement in one language by the same message and or statement in another language (Newmark 1981: 7)

B. In translation consist of two part:


The activities to produce of translation, we learn and practice how to translate particular language which appropriate.


Product of translation is the result of translation itself, such as book, magazine etc.

C. Different translation and interpretation

The definition of translation is such we explained above, it is not only in written form, but all kind of text, text is not always in written, all kind of language that has function is known as text, therefore it is written and spoken, but in small definition text is in written. Translation in written (translation), in written always refer to translation. Interpreting in spoken (interpreting), in interpreting just in spoken text.

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